heart of cooking

Accessible cooking classes


When I think about food, preparation, cooking and how to teach I always revert back to Nigel Slater as my paradigm hyphen he said something like “cooking is making something to eat” (forgive me for misquoting) hyphen I say “great cooking is making something great to eat” and in the spirit of my favourite film Ratatouille hyphen I want to show how everyone can learn to cook and almost everyone can be a great cook. Welcome to the Heart of Cooking. hyphen

Cooking is a great social skill - it imbues those who master it with a degree of confidence and delight in being able to impress, feed and entertain in equal measure. With this in mind we aim to make our classes relaxed, social occasions. As well as learning how to cook new and exciting dishes, we will create a circle of new friends with a common purpose - the desire to prepare and share great food.

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” hyphen